About us

Have you ever noticed that a good smell makes everything better?

We totally agree.

It started with crazy scent lovers, who would ritualistically light candles everyday everywhere, but could not sign up for the health and safety concerns that brought along and just like that Good Melts was born.

We kept finding ourselves settling for candles that all looked the same and were too expensive and hazardous to light every day. For as long as people have been using candles, they’ve been creating waste. It’s a problem that has only gotten worse over time. Most candles are mass-produced using paraffin—a by product of petroleum; most tumblers never get reused or recycled—contributing to landfill; and an empty candle glass you toss out today can take up to a million years to break down.

We believe there’s a better, more sustainable way of creating a fragrant ambience in your home, and we are here to bring this revolution. We’re on a mission to  do right by the environment, right by your home, right for your health.

Candles may be a small piece of the problem, but every step towards living more sustainably matters.


Good Melts is India’s first wax melting company committed to making melting fun, easy, and healthy. We are passionate about creating unforgettable fragrances made with all-natural soy wax, infused with high fragrance oils that free of phthalates.

Good Melts helps transforms your home into an immersive world that never stands still.

We hope you love using our products as much as we love creating them.

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