Top 5 Aromatherapy Benefits

Top 5 Aromatherapy Benefits

Whether you wish to stress less, relax more, improve focus, or find the energy to get through a tough week, aromatherapy uses and benefits may just fit the bill. 

With just one sniff of the right scent, your nose sends a signal to your olfactory receptors and instantly transports your mind and mood to a different place, time, or memory. It’s no wonder, then, that aromatherapy comes recommended as a supplemental self-care activity to help you be your best self.

Here are the top five aromatherapy uses and benefits you may consider adding to your routine if you find yourself in need of a midday pick-me-up or new nightly ritual.

1. Improves Mood

Have you ever smelled a familiar scent that instantly sent you back to a happy moment in your life? You could consider that aromatherapy. Aromatherapy benefits include improved mood, and whether your happiness comes from the fresh cotton smell of freshly folded towels that remind you of your childhood or the unforgettable smell of pepper and pine, similar to the tree you’ve decorated every Christmas since you were a kid, enjoying the smells that remind you of some of life’s happiest moments can help make the moment you’re in even more uplifting.

2. Reduces Stress & Tension

Constant stress and tension can lead to health implications as slight as headaches or an upset stomach, to more serious issues like chest pain, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and other health conditions. Limiting stress is not only recommended for your health; it’s required to reduce the chance of experiencing these and other health issues.

Aside from popular stress and tension relieving techniques like exercise, hot baths, sleep, and massages, aromatherapy can also be used to help ease tension and stress. Popular stress-reducing aromatherapy scents include lavender, bergamot, chamomile, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, geranium, frankincense, and orange.

3. Restores Focus & Energy

In addition to relieving stress and improving mood, another aromatherapy benefit you may not be aware of is a restored sense of focus and energy. 

Energizing peppermint, lemon, spearmint, eucalyptus, and citrusy scents are among the most popular aromatherapy scents for improving focus and energy.

4. Combat Insomnia

If your lack of focus and energy stems from a lack of sleep, another benefit of aromatherapy is to combat insomnia. Similar to reducing stress and tension, certain plant-derived essential oils like lavender and chamomile have powerful calming properties that—well—make you sleepy.

5. Improves your Living or Working Space

Aside from the aromatherapy uses and benefits for the mind, aromatherapy can also be used to simply improve the smell and general feeling of the space you work or live in. 


Whether you are expecting company, you want to warm up the office with an uplifting seasonal scent, or you just want to hunker down for a weekend filled with nothing but peace and tranquility, you can count on aromatherapy to make every moment more enjoyable.

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