6 Ways to Transform Your Space and Make It More Relaxing

6 Ways to Transform Your Space and Make It More Relaxing

At Good Melts, we love connecting with home decor lovers. Since we're all continuing to hunker down and spend more time at home than ever before, why not make it as enticing and enjoyable as possible?

Spoiler alert: we're big fans of #3...

Much of our time these days is spent at home. Whether you’re still working from a home office, meal-prepping in your kitchen on weekends, or reading a book on a slow day, you may feel your home is not the calming space you’d hope it to be. Regardless of how you spend your time, your home is your sanctuary, where you should feel relaxed and be able to unwind from your daily life. We've got you covered if you want to design a more calming space but don’t know where to start.

Whether you live in warm Delhi, or rainy Bengaluru, one of these 10 relaxing home decor ideas will help transform your home into an even more calming place you’ll be happy to spend time in.

1) Design your space with cozy fabrics

There’s no better place to start designing a calming space than decorating with cozy fabrics. Whether that’s getting a new throw blanket for your couch or reupholstering your chair with a crushed velvet fabric, you can decorate just about anything with textiles. Soft fabrics bring a soothing, cozy feel to your home and can make you feel like you’re in a serene environment no matter the season. So break out the quilts, incorporate a fuzzy shag carpet, or pick up some soft throw pillows to make your space more relaxing after a long day.

2) Carve out a space for yoga or meditation

Nothing makes a home more relaxing than creating a designated space to wind down. Whether that’s a simple corner of your living room or a small room of its own, you can easily design a space that feels secluded from the rest of your home. With a yoga mat or a floor pillow, a few green plants, and a photo you love, you can easily make a calming nook for your yoga flow or mindfulness practice.

3) Introduce scent throughout your home

Scents can be the gateway to creating a relaxing environment in your home. Whether you gravitate towards a calming chamomile scent or the smell of lavender before you go to sleep, there’s a scented wax melt for it. Nothing beats warming your favorite wax melt in the Good Melts wax warmer after a long day and letting your favorite aromas fill your home.

Pro Tip: While transforming your space and creating a relaxing sanctuary, adding non-toxic, phthalate-free scents is a perfect way to enhance your space while keeping you healthy.

4) Mood lighting makes a relaxing home

If the weather is gloomy or it’s dark by the time you finish your workday, some much-needed light can be all you need for a peaceful home. From sun lamps that mimic the benefits of sunlight or just incorporating string lights throughout your home, the options are endless. You can easily make your space more relaxing by switching up your lights and bringing a new vibe to your home. 

5) Embrace any and all-natural light

Natural light is one of the easiest elements to brighten up your space. But if you live in an apartment with minimal windows or your living room doesn’t let in much natural light, there’s no need to worry. It all starts with embracing what natural light you do have in your home. Highlight the windows with high drapes to draw your eyes upward or keep window shades pulled open for as long as the daylight hours allow. Trying to let in any light from clouds or sun into your home can make your space more calming and welcoming. 

6) Incorporate a plant garden

Plants are known to be a great way to incorporate nature and its properties into your relaxing home decor. The key is to choose plants that work with your space, like small succulents against a windowsill or tall fiddle leaf figs in a sunny room. For greenery that has multiple uses, consider starting an herb garden so you’ll have fresh herbs year-round. No matter how you bring plants into your home you’re likely to find yourself enjoying the greenery you see each day.

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